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Voice based E-Mail

This is an innovative website developed by India based IT company. The spl feature here is, u can send ur Voice as mail without making use of messengers which is the case in yahoo..etc.,

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Innovative Websites

Following are some interesting sites I found..

SMS your Resume

This is another innovative idea by an Indian IT company that enables u 2 send ur resume via. SMS…

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Earn Money via. SMS Ads.,

 These are websites that pays for u to the sent SMS Ads…mginger.com is something spl…

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30GB Free Memory

U get 30GB free memory space by signing-up @ 30gigs.com..

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My Buddy, Suresh Website

He is one of my true buddy, with lots of innovative ideas and lost but not the least, a honest, hard working guy,

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Asia’s No.1 Software Organization


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